Music - Mike Madriaga

In June of 2019, Mike became a Blurt Music News reporter for the San Diego Reader magazine.

Mike’s music-industry reporting started in 2005, under the Team Prototype TV show that he co-produced and co-founded with Eli Gibbons and directed with Angel M. The trio interviewed musicians, club promoters and fans, on both sides of the border. The bilingual show aired for one season on channels 29 and 36 in Ensenada and Rosarito, and Mike uploaded clips of the show on the then-new YouTube platform in April of 2006. Their lifestyle show was featured on the syndicated LatiNation TV show in June 2006.

From 2006 to 2009, Mike collaborated with staff members of Blazin’ 98.9, a former-San Diego hip-hop radio station. Mike filmed and interviewed radio personalities and musicians who traveled into San Diego and Baja; he and his team then edited the content for its website and Myspace pages.

In 2014, Mike’s first music related and written articles were published in the San Diego Reader and San Diego Troubadour magazines.

Mike specializes in covering the hip-hop and electronic music genres, although he covers other types of music. Mike also reports news from concert venues and online platforms and the music’s accompanying dance forms and fashion.