About Mike

Professional Experience

In 2017-2021, my Mike Madriaga byline was attributed to over 400 published articles around the world.

I am proficient in writing breaking news, news, briefs, profiles, press releases, and feature stories. I am a freelance reporter that is able to write about a variety of subjects, including social media, art, music, food, tattoo culture, neighborhood news, the homeless population, tech, collectibles, skate-and-surf culture, pets, and automobiles.

In some of my articles, aside from being the author, I am listed as the photographer, videographer, and/or video editor.  To some news outlets, I am referred to as a multimedia journalist (MMJ).

My articles have appeared in the San Diego Reader, Easyrider, Tattoo, City Times, Sandsports, Vochomania, and other publications; three of which, have been in circulation for over 40 years.

I’ve been a videographer and a video editor since 2006 when I started my YouTube page.  Two of my previous video production clients were the Price Scholarship Program and Father Joe’s Villages.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2014. And with the recent trends, I regularly update my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages — with some of my published photos and articles.


I attended San Diego City College and earned an Associate of the Arts degree in Digital Journalism. I graduated on the dean’s list with a 3.8-grade point average in May 2017.

Here is where I refined my multimedia skills.

Part of the curriculum was to be a part of the school newspaper, City Times. I produced over 50 articles for publication in the four semesters that I attended City College.

Professors Jerry McCormick, Roman Koenig, Aida Bustos Garcia, Tara Pixley, Christie Ritter, and Laura Castañeda — mentored me on my reporting skills.

In 2015, our school paper won the Newspaper Pacemaker Award, which is said to be the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for college journalism.

On Oct. 25, 2016, Michael Markulin and I won a first place (College Print Feature) award for the City Bites segment at the San Diego Press Club award ceremony. City Bites was a video blog on eateries by our downtown San Diego campus.

In our college newsroom, I also learned to create breaking news reports.  I worked closely with the editor-in-chief, our copy and news editors, and the other photographers — so the story could get published shortly after it broke.

Initially, when I signed up for school, I wanted to learn how to write articles.  The classes here, although, taught us much more.  We learned the etiquette, laws, and rights of journalists.  Associated press style writing was also taught and checked in our articles. Our City Times newspaper (circa 1945), was printed almost every three weeks.  Approximately 2,000 copies were then distributed by us throughout the campus and nearby cafes and restaurants.

Prior to my return to college in 2015, I owned and managed my own small businesses.

I’ve been selling online for over 20 years which helped garner me a certificate of excellence from Meg Whitman, the then Chief Executive Officer of eBay.  From 2000-2006, I owned a car part manufacturing business in Chula Vista called Team Prototype.  I also owned a comic book, toy, and gaming store.

I was born in Michigan, and English was my first language.  I’ve also resided in the Philippines and in Mexico, and am able to communicate in the Tagalog and Spanish languages which help with my reporting.

As of 2021, I’m attending a university in hopes to obtain a Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism.