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San Diego Reader – July 18, 2018

Cover Photo: Andy Boyd

Comic Con International: Lines

“I will not spend a single moment in line at Comic-Con 2018”

So said John Shand. “Never again.”

It’s safe to say that most Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018 attendees will be stuck in long lines; some will sleep in 24-hour-plus lines. But not Shand. He has been attending the annual pop-culture multimedia show at the San Diego Convention Center since 1996, when it was more of a comic book and sci-fi show. For the week of July 18-22, he’s chillin’ in his air-conditioned store in La Mesa called Toy Addicts.

“If I need something at the Comic-Con 2018,” he said, “I can just pick up my phone.”

I first met Shand in 1998 when we traded toys until the wee hours of the morning; then later that week we attended Comic-Con. My niche at the time was ….

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Graffiti park on Market Street under new name

On June 23, the Writerz Blok on Market three blocks west of Euclid was reopened as Arts Park @ Chollas Creek.

On July 3, I walked up Chollas Creekside Park, which is on the east side of the venue’s fence facing Euclid and noticed the transformation.

“They took out some walls, added a community garden and a new stage,” said Josh who’s been painting murals here since 2003. “It’s not a better place than what it was [but] more teardown ….

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Shared bikes and scooters used for crimes

Broken lock on LimeBike

“Please, no pictures because they might attack me,” said Jane, “I’m scared and I just want to be anonymous.”

Jane, who requested her real name changed for the story, works at the 7-Eleven on University Avenue and Iowa Street.

“They steal food and then run out,” she said. “I don’t follow them because it’s dangerous and they usually use the yellow bikes (ofo) and sometimes they switch between the bikes and scooters.”

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