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Tijuana Toy Run

The children in Tijuana could hear the loud motorcycles from across the border coming in.

On the morn of On Dec. 14, over 300 toys, bikes, and soccerballs were loaded into a truck at the San Diego Harley Davidson shop on Morena Boulevard. Approximately 200 bikers from all groups escorted the truck down Interstate 5.  The bikers who didn’t want to cross into Mexico had the option to chill at the Landing Strip bar in Otay Mesa.

When the American bikers pulled up, they noticed la policía already blocked off Avenida Revolucion for this special day — The 29th Annual Tijuana Toy Run.

Revolucion was the perfect spot for the gathering because of the many amenities available for the bikers here: discotheques, bars, and restaurants. Over 200 hundred bikes were either being cruised or parked between the 5th and 8th avenues.

Sólo Ángeles, the legendary Tijuana-born motorcycle club, ensured that the children received either a toy, bike, scooter or a soccer ball.

Photography/Videography/Video Editing by Mike Madriaga for Easyriders Magazine

The original article ran on the print and digital edition of the Easyriders magazine in August of 2015.

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