San Diego Reader – October 11, 2018

Running sideways a good way to stay inside the circle

On September 23, I saw eight alien-looking plastic balls with legs running around at east Mission Bay.

“Think basketball without the dribbling, and you wear a flag that can be pulled.”

“This game is called Sumo Ball,” said Carlos Rendon. “The object is to knock the opposing team out of the sumo-ring and the last team standing wins.”

Rendon is a 29-year-old physical trainer from Clairemont. He founded A Synergy Affair, which practices team building fitness.

Rendon has a few activities and games on his “recess for adults” agenda, but it seems that Sumo Ball is the most popular.

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Encinitas shark signs stolen

About 70 signs that read “Keep Out — No Entrance — Shark Sighted Water Is Closed — Tiburón Avistado Agua Está Cerrada” were stolen throughout the Encinitas beaches last weekend (September 29-30).

“You’re stealing public property ….. please don’t take the signs,” said Marine Safety Captain Larry Giles during a press conference on September 30. Giles, from the Encinitas Lifeguard Department, was updating the media and public of the Saturday morning shark attack of 13-year-old Keane Webre-Hayes, while lobster diving at Beacon’s Beach.

At the press conference, Keane was reported to be in critical condition; then on October 1 his condition was reported to have improved to serious condition.

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The problem with artificial grass

When I get in at 6:50 am,” Jeffrey said, “it’s already here: fresh poop.”

Almost every morning, Jeffrey opens up the Valvoline Instant Oil Change shop in City Heights.

“When I see people with dogs, I’m waiting,” he said. “I’m like saying “Don’t do it, bro, don’t do it.”

The business he manages has artificial grass by the sidewalk along University Avenue and 39th Street — and despite the pet waste bags within seven feet, dog-walkers aren’t taking them.

“We have to come out and clean up every morning,” Jeffrey said.

As I took photos of his shop’s artificial grass, it looked clean, but the smell of urine was apparent.

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We followed LuLaRoe to Facebook Live

On September 29, about 200 collectors met at The Toy Addicts Trade Show in La Mesa; many were 1990s era toy collectors.

“I do find it kind of weird that people are calling 1990s vintage,” said Walter, one of 25 or so dealers present. “For my kid, who is helping, he’s only 13 — so that is vintage for him.”

Walter had an E-Z up tent and tables packed with action figures from 1990s TV shows: like Dragon Ball Z, Bob the Builder, and PBS’s The Joy of Painting, which starred Bob Ross in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Pokémon had its moment,” he said, “because Pokémon Go, the mobile app brought it back.

“…. and like the Wolverine I have over there; that was from the Fox Kids Network from back in the day (1992-1997) on Saturday Morning Cartoons — the show was called X-Men: The Animated Series.”

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Now anyone can get to the water in Coronado

“The motion is to approve three locations: two’s been identified (Central and North Beach) and the third’s Dog Beach,” said Coronado city manager Blair King at the October 2 city council meeting.

King was referring to the unanimous approval of the beach accessibility mats that will be rolled out over the soft sand terrain which is difficult for residents/visitors with physical challenges and mobility issues — and dogs (at Dog Beach); to pass through and get closer to the shoreline.

“I wasn’t aware that it included the path way to Dog Beach too,” said Barbara. “Everyone, [including dog-owners] need access to the beach.”

Barbara, 61, owns an 11-year-old Chocolate Lab. “It’s a hassle to go to the beach and deal with [soft] sand,” she said.

“It has been a dream of mine to be able to bring my Black Lab, Marley, to Coronado’s Dog Beach,” said Stefan Freeman.

“Having a mat for wheelchair users at Dog Beach would be beneficial for many reasons: wheelchair access to the beach, wheelchair access to beach with your dog, access for other folks with mobility issues and a way to help dogs not burn their feet on the hot sand.”

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