Experience You Can Count On
– Published in over 400 print and digital publications in 2017-2021
– Small business owner for over 15 years
– 2016 award-winning video producer

What kind of projects do you take on? I take on all sorts of projects. In the last couple of years, I’ve written articles related to automobiles, small businesses, collectibles, the homeless population, art, music, parenting, social media, skate & surf culture, tech, and the tattoo-art lifestyle.  This includes print and internet articles, blog posts, news reports, press releases, bios, and features.  I can create multi-media packages, which include written content, photography, and videography.

Can you cover a race team at the Baja 1000 in Ensenada, BC — or a tattoo artist in Mexicali, BC?  Yes, because of the diverse nature of my previous assignments, I feel comfortable covering mostly anything.

Click here to see my Tattoo Magazine article on La Mujer Vampiro.  She’s a tattoo artist that I met in Mexicali in 2015.

How much do you charge for your services?  The price depends on the size of the project and the amount of time involved.  I generally charge $75 per hour.

How much do you charge for full packages?  The price varies on the complexity of the project.  Here’s one example: If you need me to cover an event within the city of San Diego and need a 500-word count written article, a 3-minute edited video and photo coverage.  I can offer you the package for $1500.

Click here to view a similar package that I produced for Easyriders magazine in 2015.

How far will you travel to cover a story?  I can drive to Los Angeles for a $150 surcharge.  I can also cover a story in Las Vegas for a $250 surcharge.

If I give you multiple projects, can you give me a discount?  Yes, I encourage this.  Please don’t be shy and email me with a proposition.

Mike interviewing Rosario Dawson at Imperial and Euclid avenues during a Bernie Sanders rally in 2016.

How do you work out payments?  After we’ve agreed on a price, I will expect a 50% deposit.  Deposits can be made through a direct deposit into my Wells Fargo bank account, a money order sent to Box 16681, San Diego, CA 92176, or Paypal payment.  After the project is completed, the balance will be due.

How fast is your turnaround time?  The full package, as mentioned above, should take 7-business days to complete.

May I purchase just the photos, raw video, and/or sound on tape, rather than purchase the whole package?  Yes, most definitely.  Please email me for details.

Can you cover breaking news?  Yes, I have covered these types of stories in the past.  I also have a press pass that grants me access to various locations in San Diego county.